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Sim Card Contact Copier Backup Machine Keychain


This device conveniently and safely creates a backup of all SIM card contacts, and output the contact data onto a SIM card in one easy step, for those who have bought a new phone and want a fast and easy way to ensure they have all their contacts. This ideal for creating duplicates of contacts either internally or onto several other SIM cards – cloning the data. It also features a keychain so it can be carried around at all times so even if your phone battery is out of power, you still have access to your phonebook.

The data of a SIM card is recorded internally without the need to connect to a PC, then if and when your phone is lost and you get a replacement all that data can be restored onto the new SIM.
Phone contacts security at a low price –you can't afford not to own one of these!


250 contact storage (8KB)
Single machine operation
No PC needed to operate

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